Coil Magnetic FieldThe VitalFlow works by directing pulses of strong magnetic energy at the facial nerves.  Magnetic energy has been known to activate neural tissue for nearly a century, and transcranial magnetic stimulation of the brain is an approved treatment for various psychiatric conditions.

Similarly, the facial nerve is well-known to connect to the arteries of the brain and to cause dilation of those arteries, increasing blood flow to the brain.  This effect of the facial nerve has been shown repeatedly in animals and man since the 1930s.  Indeed, an invasive, surgically-implanted stimulator if a branch of the facial nerve is being developed as a treatment for ischemic stroke by a for-profit company, BrainsGate, and that device has proven successful after testing in more than 700 patients to date.

VitalFlow Effect in Normal Subjects v2The VitalFlow is a non-invasive facial nerve stimulator - it does not have to be surgically implanted into patients.  Because it is non-invasive, the VitalFlow can be immediately applied to patients with ischemic stroke or traumatic brain injury;  it does not require skilled healthcare practitioners or diagnostic equipment to use.  Simply put the patient's head on the VitalFlow headrest, position the stimulation coils against the ears, and push the button - it will be that simple!

The VitalFlow has proven successful in more than 130 large animal experiments.  Recently, a clinical prototype VitalFlow was applied to 24 healthy subjects, in whom the device proved safe, tolerable, and effective at increasing blood flow to the brain.  These studies have been or will be published in the medical literature

Next, NeuroSpring will test the clinical prototype VitalFlow in patients with ischemic stroke and traumatic brain injury - and for that challenge, we need your help.


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