We're a volunteer-driven organization and have been since our founding in 2005.  None of the tax-deductible donations we receive are used to pay Board members or Scientists.


The Board

dbielawskiDawn Bielawski, Ph.D. - Director

Dr. Bielawski is an published researcher in the fields of environmental science, pediatrics, and neuroscience.  She also serves on the Institutional Review Board of the Wayne State University.  Previously she has served as a Senior Scientist for NeuroSpring, and she is a founding member of the organization.


mcocoMichael Coco, Ph.D. - Director

Dr. Coco is a pharmacologist by training with experience in basic science research and is a founding member of the organization.  He works as a medical writer in Atlanta, Georgia (U.S.).  He has served as a Board member for 5 years and is a founding member of the organization.



The Scientists

mborsodyMark Borsody, M.D., Ph.D. - Senior Scientist

Dr. Borsody is practicing neurologist and neurophysiologist.  He has more than 20 years of experience in basic and clinical research, including 6 years in executive roles in pharmaceutical and medical device companies.  Dr. Borsody has previously served as Board member and Secretary for Neurospring.


theatonTamara Heaton, M.A. - Scientist

Ms. Heaton is a medical anthropologist and grant writing expert who has supported the fund-raising efforts of NeuroSpring since its inception.  She is an original founder of NeuroSpring and has directed the operational activities of its internal research programs. 



Lela Mirtskhulava, Ph.D. - Senior Scientist

Dr. Mirtskhulava is a computer scientist who has previously developed an artificial intelligence application that accurately diagnoses stroke patients.  She is a Professor of Computer Science at San Diego State University and an Associate Professor at the Tbilisi State University (Georgia).



Chisa Yamada, M.D. - Scientist

Dr. Yamada has medical training in both ophthalmology and pathology, and has led NeuroSpring research programs in headache conditions.  She is an Associate Professor of Clinical Pathology at the University of Michigan.



The Management


Josephine Chen, M.B.A - Business Manager

Ms. Chien is a graduate of the Stanford University business school and a former entrepreneur and investor.  She is an experienced project leader for non-profit consulting projects.



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