NeuroSpring is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit public charity with a unique mission:  to support research in the neurosciences leading to new medical therapies.

How do we do this?

NeuroSpring puts your charitable donation to use in the research and development new medical therapies and, by doing so, the NeuroSpring earns an ownership share in the partner for-profit company that owns the therapy.  The ownership share in the partner company creates an endowment held by NeuroSpring to carry on further research in the future.


Founded in 2005 as Northern Neurosciences and incorporated under Delaware law, we have a long and successful history of charitable work, recognized by a Guidestar® Platinum organization rating, and have completed several research programs in the neurosciences. 


Got questions?  Don't hesitate to send us a letter, shoot us an E-mail, or give us a call.

officeOr stop by our office on the historic Greens of Dover, Delaware sometime!


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